Zoran Segedi, the best Pilot of the month March

The first month is behind us and when we summarize everything, we can be satisfied with what has been done so far. 39 flights were performed by our virtual pilots in the past month, we recruited a total of 25 pilots, of which 14 were active in the month behind us. We flew just over 21,000 nautical miles and spent just under 70 hours in the air. Just under 5,000 virtual passengers have successfully arrived at their destinations thanks to our pilots. However, one virtual pilot stood out in the month behind us and because of everything he did, he earned the title of the best Air Serbia VA pilot in the previous month.

Zoran Segedi (ASL104) has absolutely deserved the Pilot of the Month award since having completed almost half of all flights of our virtual airline in the past month. Zoran flew a total of 16 flights that lasted about 38 hours. It flew just over 12,000 nautical miles and transported 2,420 virtual passengers. Great job Zoran.

In the hope that all the remaining virtual pilots from our VA will follow this example and surpass Zoran's results, we are looking forward to the next month.