Zoran Segedi, Pilot of the month of May

The third month since the founding of Air Serbia Virtual has also passed successfully. As we expected, we have progressed in all aspects and achieved excellent results. For the previous 31 days, our pilots performed a total of 88 virtual flights, more than 62,000 nautical miles were flown, in just over 190 hours of active flying. We are extremely glad that almost half of our members were active in the month after ours, so that 19 pilots performed at least one flight in May, which is the largest number of pilots active with Air Serbia Virtual so far. However, this month we must announce the one who did the most so that these results are truly exceptional.

Air Serbia's virtual pilot, Zoran Segedi, was named pilot of the month for the second time thanks to his performance in the previous month. Zoran had the most flights of all our members, but also the most hours flown in the past month (34), which put him at the top of our list. Aleksandar Levnajić was right behind him with 28 flying hours, while Matej Stanić flew a total of 19 hours in the past month. Jovan Cvetic collected 18, while Nikola Popovic and Vladimir Rakocevic flew for 16 hours each.

Zoran Szeged was also promoted to the rank of second officer last month, and is currently the only one with this rank in our virtual airline. We also want to praise the rest of our members who flew the first 20 hours with us and thus received the rank of cadet.

In addition to individual and team statistical results, we also want to boast about the new codeshare agreement we signed with the company vADR from Slovenia, but also the successful launch of our training and team event program, which has so far managed to give the expected results.

the month of June will be a month of new challenges, but let's hope for new records. We expect a lot of new innovations both on the technical and operational level, but we will talk more about all this in the days ahead.


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