Zoran Segedi, Pilot of the month of July

Zoran Segedi won the pilot of the month award for the third time thanks to his commitment and everything done in the previous 30 days. In the past month, Zoran made a total of 33 flights and flew a little less than 80 hours. In total, he flew a little more than 24,000 nautical miles and transported almost 5,000 virtual passengers to their destinations. Next to Zoran were Aleksandar Levnajić with a little over 20 hours of flight, but also our new member, Chris Kerkyras, who flew 12 hours.

But that is not the only success that Air Serbia Virtual achieved in the month of July. Our virtual pilots completed a total of 91 flights, flew an incredible 71,000 nautical miles and spent a little over 213 hours in the air. We are especially proud of the fact that in the month of July a total of 28 pilots were active and that the number of active pilots is increasing every month.

Great job guys!