Welcome to the official website of Air Serbia Virtual Airline

Dear friends, welcome to the official website of the Air Serbia virtual airline. We are extremely glad that you are here with us and we hope that you will have a lot of good time and great fun with Air Serbia VA.

Air Serbia Virtual Airline Company was founded in early 2022 with the idea of bringing together virtual pilots and aviation enthusiasts who want to become part of one flying family and virtually fly under the flag of the Serbian National flag carrier.The idea itself gathered from the very beginning a large number of virtual pilots who over the time became the pillar and foundation of this project.

The Air Serbia virtual airline project is divided into two websites. One of them contains our database and VABase software, while the other is designed to connect these two pages with a modern visual interface and data important for the normal functioning of the virtual airline.

On this website you can find all the important and interesting information related to our virtual airline. If you have followed the beginner's instructions and successfully created a new account, the next step will be Download page where you will need to check that you are meeting the minimum required content in order to be able to make your first flight.

When you are ready for the first flight, check our Fleet section and choose one of the types of planes that Air Serbia flies today. Once you have chosen your type of aircraft, it is time to choose the route and destination, and you can do it under the