Our first promoted pilot to the rank of Second Officer

Our first promoted virtual pilot to the official rank of officer (second officer) is our pilot of the month of March, and currently the pilot with the most flights and kilometers flown, Zoran Segedi. Thanks to today's return flight on the route Belgrade-Trieste-Belgrade, Zoran enrolled in 3 hours of flying, which was enough for him to cover 100 hours of flying, which is the minimum for performing the rank of the second officer. The next endeavor for Zoran is the rank of first officer, and in order to achieve this goal, Zoran (but also other pilots ASL Virtual) will have to fly a minimum of 800 hours, in order for the rank to become valid.

All ranks gained so far as well as the total hours flown by our pilots can be found on the Crew Lounge portal or on this link.

Congratulations Zoran!