Hot summer with Air Serbia Virtual

The summer season and warmer days are ahead of us, as well as new challenges facing the Air Serbia Virtual team which will do its best to make the next few months very interesting. We have many ideas and even more outlined paths that we would like to develop as a virtual airliner, but for the upcoming summer season we have chosen the following innovations.

As already announced, Air Serbia Virtual will further increase its routes to four new destinations. By the end of May, the full implementation of Hamburg, Budapest, Gotenburg and Malta is expected, as new return routes of ASL Virtual.

Immediately after the implementation of these four destinations, the cooperation with Etihad VA will be expanded, which will increase from four to seven routes, and in addition to the already existing Airbus A 320, Boeing 777 will be added to the Etihad fleet. The new three destinations are expected to be Cairo (HECA), Phuket (VTSP) and Munich (EDDM). All three destinations start and end at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The month of June is planned for the implementation of the third airline in our offer, and that will be the charter company Aviolet, which is based in Belgrade and which will operate its charter flights from the capital of Serbia. It is not yet known the number of routes or destinations that will be offered to our pilots, but it is clear that all traffic will be performed with Boeing 737 aircraft.

At the same time, if not earlier, a third agreement will be announced, which Air Serbia Virtual will sign since its establishment. After the Etihad and vADR (Adria), our pilots will be able to fly on the American continent, and our night chedeshara partner will be American Airlines VA. It is planned to agree on 6 to 8 routes to start, and all routes start and end at the JFK New York Airport.

We are happy to announce that we are slowly starting training with which we will additionally train our pilots on operational aircraft as well as functions on IVAO or VATSIM platforms. The first training's are planned for the end of this month, and if there are enough people interested, the training's will continue throughout the summer.

Group flights are also a novelty that we will start with at the end of this month. The first group flight will be organized on the route New York - Belgrade on May