ASL Virtual have a new Board of Directors

The first half year of Air Serbia Virtual's existence is closely related to a large number of achieved successes and promotions of the national air carrier from Serbia. However, as this organization began to grow and attract an increasing number of members, it became clear that structural changes were necessary. For this reason, a public competition was opened for eight positions in the executive board of Air Serbia Virtual, and in the end the response was still satisfactory.

Through an internal vote of the previous management board, which consisted of 4 positions, it was decided that the positions of CEO and WM (Web Master) would not change, so Aleksandar Levnajic (CEO) and Nikola Popovic (WM) remained in these positions.

The position of CODESHARE MANAGER (CM) will be held by Jovan Cvetic from today, while the position of EVENT MANAGER (EM) will be held by Jan Matul in the next year. As of today, the position of RECRUITMENT MANAGER (RM) is held by Lazar Zalan, and he will also be assisted in that position by our member, Markus Meisterhofer.

The position of PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER (PRM) is held by Milos Vukmirovic from today, while the position of FLIGHT OPERATIONS DIRECTOR (FOD) will continue to be held by Aleksandar Levnajic together with Nikola Popovic, until a new solution is found.

Unfortunately, the position of DIRECTOR OF THE ALS FLIGHT ACADEMY (FAD) will remain vacant in the coming period, as there were no interested members for this position.

The new board of directors starts work from today, and the goal is clear, that Air Serbia Virtual becomes one of the most attractive virtual associations in the Balkans, which will gather a huge number of virtual aviation enthusiasts.