Air Serbia with two thirds of the total flights

More than 400 flights have been completed by our virtual pilots since March of this year, since Air Serbia Virtual was founded. From the very beginning, flights can be categorized into two categories: flights with domestic (parent) airlines and friendly (codeshare) companies. Statistically speaking, the expected largest number of flights so far have been made with the Air Serbia company, and it is interesting that there is no destination from the Air Serbia offer that our virtual pilots have not visited. However, it is interesting that slightly more than 30% of the flights were made by our pilots with codeshare companies (including Aviolet and FlyBosnia), which is an absolute confirmation that the different variations in the offer of our VA do the job and provide much more fun than before.

New agreements with various virtual airlines are planned, as well as the expansion of existing ones, for sure we will have a lot of new things on offer to make this autumn more interesting.