#57 - Asunción SGAS - Cordoba SACO

The Flight from Asuncion Airport to the Cordoba International Airport was 1 hour and 30 minutes long. The distance between these two airports is 523 nm. The weather on this flight was clear with few clouds on approach to the Cordoba. The wind was moderate to calm at the end on today flight.

You can see photos from this flight here below:

Córdoba is the capital city of the province of Córdoba , Argentina . It is located in the central region of the country, on both banks of the Suquía River . It is the second most populous city in Argentina after Buenos Aires and the largest in the country. It is also an important cultural, economic, educational, financial and entertainment center in the region. It is also known as La Docta or The City of Bells .

Aeropuerto Internacional Ingeniero Taravella is the airport of the Argentine city of Córdoba . It is also called Pajas Blancas because it is located near a town of the same name, which is about 15 km north of Cordoba itself. Since its expansion in April 2006, the airport has had two terminals, but only one is in use. With almost three and a half million passengers per year , it is the third busiest airport in Argentina after the two airpo