#45 - El Paso KELP - Monterrey MMMY

The Flight from El Paso International Airport to the Monterrey International Airport was 1 hour and 52 minutes long. The distance between these two airports is 567 nm. The weather on this flight was clear, without cloud and not strong winds. Beautiful weather for flying.

This flight was the last flight in Chapter 5. In this chapter we made 12 flights starting from Winnipeg, Canada and finishing to the Monterrey, Mexico. In this chapter, we flew 4,893nm and we spent 13 hours and 49 minutes in the air.

If we add up all chapters that we have completed so far, we have flown in total 24,387 nm and we spent in the air 63 hours and 04 minutes.

You can see photos from this flight here below:

Monterrey is located in northeastern Mexico and is the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo León . The city had about 1.2 million inhabitants in 2010 , the agglomeration , referred to as Área Metropolitana de Monterrey (AMM), about 4.6 million inhabitants (2017). Monterrey is the seat of a Roman Catholic Archdiocese.