#22 - Bora Bora NTTB - Papeete NTAA

The Flight from Bora Bora Airport to the Papeete International Airport was only 35 minutes long. The distance between these two airports is 240nm. The weather on this flight was mostly clear sky with few clouds and strong winds up to 20 knots on arrival. Before we headed to Papeete we made a circle around Bora Bora Island.

This flight was the last one in Chapter Two. In total, we made 12 flights in this chapter starting from Auckland New Zealand and finishing in Papeete island. In total, so far we flew 5562nm and we spent 14 hours and 07 minutes in the air.

If we add up both chapters that we have completed so far, we have flown in total 11,081 nm and we spent in the air 27 hours and 40 minutes.

Video from this flight you can watch here.

You can see photos from this flight here below: