#10 - Lord Howe Island YLHI - Auckland NZAA

The Flight from Lord Howe Island Airport to the Auckland International Airport was 2h and 10 minute long. The distance between these two airports is 925 nm. The weather on this flight was overcast with calm winds during the most of the time, before landing we had some stormy clouds and rain followed with gusty winds up to 15 knots.

During this flight, at FL260 Engine one fails and we continue for next 15 minutes only with one engine, after this time eginn one was successfully recovered. The engine failure come after "TOGO LK" (Alpha Floor) mode was activated during the climbing, and this bug is very well knowed in FS2020, especially with Flybywire A320.

This flight was the last one in Chapter one. In total, we made 10 flights in first chapter starting from Perth Australia and finishing in Auckland New Zealand. In total, so far we flew 5519nm and we spent 13 hours and 33 minutes in the air.