The IVAO training will help our members to understand and master the basics of the IVAO platform in order to start their IVAO online careers as soon as possible. The main topic of this training will be the installation and adaptation of the IVAO platform to the operating system, the creation of accounts and the beginning of adaptation to the virtual online environment. We will explain the entire procedure to all training participants from the beginning of the flight until the very end, so that they can adjust as easily and quickly as possible and start their career on the IVAO platform.

Important information

Training Date: 31.05.2022.
Training start time: 21:00 CEST
Training duration: 90 Minutes
Method of monitoring the training: Teams (browser version)
Coach: Aleksandar Levnajic

Necessary for monitoring training: None

Language of training: English (If possible Serbian)

All participants who successfully book for this event will receive an email with clear instructions on how to access the event along with a link to join. An email will be sent no later than 48 hours before the event.

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Confirmed participants:

Aleksandar Levnajic (Trainer)

Milos Kirovski

Milenko Stanic

Milos Vukmirovic


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