Air Serbia Virtual Airline

Air Serbia Virtual Airline Company was founded in early 2022 with the idea of bringing together virtual pilots and aviation enthusiasts who want to become part of one flying family and virtually fly under the flag of the Serbian National flag carrier.The idea itself gathered from the very beginning a large number of virtual pilots who over the time became the pillar and foundation of this project.

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Our goals...

Aware of the fact that the competition in the world of virtual airlines is stronger and bigger every day, we are patiently building and expanding Air Serbia on the world map of VA and we hope that this project will become even stronger and more recognizable in the days ahead.

The point of the Air Serbia Virtual Airline is not only in flying, but also in socializing and exchanging experiences. Our goal is certainly to create a community of equals and open-minded people who will contribute to making our brand bigger but also more interesting for all existing and future members.

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