Around the World Project -  

About me and this Project...

   As one enthusiastic Flight Simulator pilot, i am glad to have this opportunity to fly adn share my flights with all of you.   

   My first touch with MSFS was more than 15 years ago. Following simulator development i also grow to the almost completed virtual Pilot.    

    I am a member of several online FS community and also i am flying on VATSIM and IVAO platforms for some time already.

   My call sign for this project is ASL 500 (Air Serbia 500), whenever you see me online please contact me so we can change experiences in this virtual world.

    This project is similar but also different to all another "Around the World" projects in MSFS2020. We are not in rush, so we will try to visit as many places as possible around the world.

  In near future we will also start with live stream so most of our flights will be recorded or brodcasted live.

   On this website you can find all important information of our project, our plan devided in several chapters, all our flights including flight information, screenshots and interesting facts about the destinations.

   You can support us by giving feedback, suggestions or even donations, we are looking forward to hear from you.


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